Earn Money While Shopping Online

Get Money Back Shopping Online

Are you ready to get money back shopping online and earn some extra revenue by referring your friends to do the same?

Get Cash Back For Shopping Online

If your an online shopper, or know people who are, Mr. Rebates is a no-brainer and is very easy to use.

Shopping Online Is Convenient and Can Save You Money!

Recently, since joining Mr. Rebates myself, I have been doing more online shopping and have found it quite convenient. I have also discovered that there are many items available online that are not available in stores.

Many times I can find what I am looking for cheaper, then I save even more by receiving rebates from Mr. Rebates. It is a win-win situation for me. One that can be for you as well.

Allow me to take a moment to tell  you a story about a purchase I recently made online for my elder mother who has limited knowledge of how to use her computer and is no longer able to drive. My twin sister and I take her everywhere she needs to go.

My Mom,  God love her, walks at a snails paceSlow As A Snail  with a walker that we have to transport in and out of the car. She is also very determined. When she wants something, she wants it now and she doesn’t usually compromise once her heart is set on what she wants.

So off we go one day, me, my  sister, and mom, going from store to store to store, in the rain, looking for  the comforter set and matching curtains of her dreams LOL.  Of course, we couldn’t find anything that she liked. And it took us All SOAKING DAY LONG!

That same evening, I logged into my Mr. Rebates account, searched for comforter sets and found her a beautiful set with matching curtains at the discounted price of $146.97 from J.C.Penny. No store that we visited that day came even close to being that inexpensive and J.C.P didn’t carry that item in the store. The shipping was free AND she received a cash back rebate of another $11.96.

So you see, convenience, savings, and money back, got to love it!

How Does Mr. Rebates Work?

One of the things I like about Mr. Rebates, other than getting cash back rebates, is how simple it is to use. In a nutshell, you register for your free account, search by store or item and make your purchase and track your earnings. The one negative about this is that the cash you earn with the rebates are not instant. Why, because they are not issued by Mr. Rebates. They are issued through the store themselves so you have to wait until the purchase is final and the store releases the payment to you through Mr. Rebates.

For more detailed information you can visit Mr. Rebates FAQ

Mr. Rebates Affiliate Program

You probably  wondering why I am including this post about how to get money back shopping online on this particular website.

Well, because I am an affiliate marketer. I partner up  with companies to try out their products. Then I promote the products that I feel can benefit YOU.

The affiliate program at Mr. Rebates is simple, straight forward (although a bit slow on paying out commissions) and so far reliable in paying out those commissions. I save money, shop more conveniently, receive cash back rebates, and earn even more money as an affiliate and so can you (even if you don’t buy online  yourself)!

How Does Mr. Rebates Affiliate Program Work?

That too is very simple. Once you are a member, you can do exactly what I am doing. Offering the program to other people so they can start saving as well.

Refer A Friend To Mr. Rebates

When someone joins Mr. Rebates using your affiliate link and/or your email address, they become your direct referral. When they earn cash back rebates, your account is credited with a “referral rebate” equal to 20% of that original rebate.


It is that simple. Unless you find someone who does a lot of online shopping, you won’t become rich with this affiliate program but it is another way to earn some extra income.

Can you just see the benefits of this program around Christmas time or any other gift giving holiday you may celebrate! Your personal referrals shopping can help you with either  your own online shopping, or just put some extra cash in your pocket.


One other thing, you get a $5.00 sign up bonus after your first purchase.

A Brief Overview

Mr. Rebates is a great way to save money and receive cash back rebates for all your online shopping needs. I didn’t mention earlier, there are over 2,000 retailers and coupons to choice from.

You can earn cash by referring friends to join Mr. Rebates using your own personal affiliate link or email address. Even if you are not an online shopper!

It is free to join and you receive an additional bonus of $5.00 after your first purchase.

There is no catch, no upsales or hidden fees to become an affiliate with Mr. Rebates. Just saving and earning some extra revenue!

Click on the banner below to get started today!

Mr. Rebates

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below and I will be happy to assist you.


Make the effort great things will happen




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  1. Hi Wenda, You are very welcome. Mr. Rebates is an awesome way to save and get money back while shopping online. I know myself, I can’t wait to see those saving and cash rebates when it comes time to do some Christmas shopping. I have already received cash back from purchases that I have made through out the year.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome program with others. There isn’t a person I know who wouldn’t appreciate the benefits. Who doesn’t like to save money and earn cash back at the same time?

  2. Thank you! Especially with back to school shopping coming up, and then it will be Christmas, then birthdays! Mr. Rebates is a life saver! AND I want to thank you for writing about it and explaining how it works. I’m definitely going to share this post with my friends and family!

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