How To Get More Traffic On Your Website?

You have your website set up. The frame work is in place. You have content to share with the world. Now you are wondering how to get more traffic on your website? 

What Is Traffic Globalization? Traffic Globalization

Traffic Globalization is a new twist in traffic platforms. It is not a traffic exchange meaning that there is no clicking and no surfing. If you have ever been on a traffic exchange site, you know what I am talking about. For those of you who have not been to a traffic exchange site, you can click and surf other marketers sites to gain coins that you can exchange for hits to your own opportunities.

I have done the traffic exchanges and let me tell you, they are time consuming and I never really had much luck with getting organic traffic to my websites.

I am witness to the fact that Traffic Globalization delivers. I did not have my first banner up but for about an hour and had sign ups and subscriptions on two of my business opportunities.

What Are The Features of Traffic Globalization?

  • Quality Traffic At A Low Price
  • Massive Exposure To Your Website or Business Opportunity
  • Simple To Use Platform – Set It & Forget It
  • Complete Tracking :
    IP Address
    Time Spent On Site
    Page Visits
  • Select Varies Types Of Traffic
  • Affiliate Program with Generous Commissions
  • Low Monthly Payout – $50.00 minimum
  • Great Support and Trusted Admin.
  • Quality Exposure Using Thousands of Ad Networks

Traffic Globalization Partners and Providers

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

You are automatically signed up for the affiliate program for Traffic Globalization when you create your account. Promoting this service is not necessary but you may think twice about it when you hear how easy it is and the hefty commissions you can receive.

Tony has provided a jump-off-the-page-at-ya splash page, four different banners ranging in sizes from 125×125 to 728×90, and a personalized referral link.

By promoting this program on your social media sites, in email campaigns or any other method you chose, you can earn 25% commissions when someone joins the program and purchases one of the credit packages.

All commissions are paid on the first of each month for last months sales. The low monthly minimum payout is $50.00.

What Are The Credit Packages Available At Traffic Globalization?

Remember at the beginning I explained about other traffic exchanges where you have to click and surf to earn credits? Here at Traffic Globalization, you purchase those credits. That is what makes this system so easy. Just add your banner ads, purchase a package of credits and forget it.

Traffic Globalization Credit Packages


New signers get 100 free credits to get started. Give it a shot and see what happens. Place just one banner ad for those 100 credits (1 click = 1 credit) and see what happens. I was pleasantly surprised when I did this!

What Type Of Traffic Selections Are Available?

I have never seen this before and thought it was worth mentioning in this review. Tony has set this program up to where you can choose the type of traffic you would like to visit your website or opportunity. Here is a list:

  1. Multi-level/Network Marketing Visitors
  2. Make Money Working @ Home – Lead Generation
  3. Traffic Exchange Participants – Site View Traffic
  4. Safe List Email Marketing
  5. Adult Network Pop-unders
  6. 404 Error Pages
  7. Parked Domain Traffic
  8. Classified Ad Placement Traffic
  9. Social Media Clicks
  10. Lead Generation Landing Pages
  11. Advertising Partners Exchange
  12. Search Engine/Organic SEO

Meet Tony Hamilton

Tony has been a long-distance internet friend of mine for a couple of years now. I can honesty say, I personally have not met a man so honest and dedicated in helping others learn how to make money online like Tony does. One of his favorite saying says it all, “All of our continued success is my daily Prayer”.

Tony is a top recruiter in several Internet businesses and has become very successful in a relatively short time. He is passionate about his “job” and compassionate to all who is blessed to know him.

Are You Still Wondering How To Get More Traffic On Your Website?

Look no farther! Traffic Globalization is your answer. It is affordable and easy to set up. You have tracking, and a lucrative affiliate program that offers an amazing commission rate. There is no wasting time clicking and surfing – I love that!!

Your banner ads are placed on ESTABLISHED traffic sites and networks that brings you organic visitors to you websites and opportunities.

Stop working so hard at getting visitors to you sites. Let Traffic Globalization do the work for you. Click on the image below and sign up for your free account today.

Get Traffic To Your Websites


Be sure to leave me a comment below or share your experience with Traffic Globalization.

Make The Effort – Great Things Will Happen,


11 Replies to “How To Get More Traffic On Your Website?”

  1. Hi Tony, This review for Traffic Globalization was easy to write. I am blown away at the almost instant results I had when I began running my ads. I can honestly say that NO OTHER program that I have spend hours, days, and months on, let along invested money into, comes close to this program. I have had referrals, subscriptions, and income through the affiliate program coming in.

    Because of the almost instant results, I am a true believer and if other internet marketers don’t jump on this opportunity, they are nuts!!

    I want to personally thank you for such an awesome opportunity to build my business. Traffic Globalization has made my marketing efforts so much easier!

  2. Hi Eric, I appreciate you stopping by. I will tell you from experience, I have tried other “free” traffic exchanges and the likes, with absolutely no results! Just a lot of wasted time.

    I am not pulling your leg when I tell you that I had 2 new referrals to Wealthy Affiliate and five subscriptions to Residual Income TV within a very short period of time after running my ads with Traffic Globalization. I can’t guarantee the same results for others but that is the honest truth about my results.

    If we are to be realistic, ANY business you begin requires investment. I believe it is a personal choice as to how much you are willing to invest and also the best programs to invest in.

    Traffic Globalization is not the first program that I have invested time and money in BUT it is the ONLY program that I have received results from and it was within an hour, possible even less than that.

    I think your plan is an excellent one. Sign up for your free account. It is easy and only takes a few minutes. Use your free 100 credits to place an ad and see what happens.

    PS. Be sure to check out the affiliate program. 25% commissions on referrals purchased is a pretty sweet deal!

  3. Hi Suzette, Traffic Globalization sounds intriguing, as I am struggling getting organic traffic to my website. I have seen Tony H. on Wealthy Affiliate, he seems like a good guy, but I am a bit apprehensive. I have asked on WA about people’s thoughts on paying for traffic, and it seems that everyone’s opinion that I got is not to do it. Not Traffic Globalization, but in general. If the first 100 credits are free to try out, I make take a shot, see what happens. Great post, by the way. Thanks!

  4. Hi Norman, Thank you for the compliment about the post. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and respond.

    Your correct. No traffic to our websites or business opportunities, no business. It is the same as opening a retail store or restaurant. You don’t having visitors you don’t make money, you have to shut down.

    Traffic Globalization is a must have tool for every internet marketer. Not only is this program a set it and forget it system, you get to choose the type of traffic you would like to receive. The traffic is organic and traffic compliant so there is no need to worry about any black hat marketing going on to damage your website.

  5. Good day to you as well Nemira, Thank you for responding to this post.

    Traffic Globalization is very easy to set up and utilize. You sign up for a free account, add a banner for your website or business opportunity, choose the type of traffic you would like to receive, and purchase a credit package to keep you ad running. That is it!

    As I stated in the post, I received several subscriptions and several sign ups to my business opportunities that I ran ads for in a matter of minuets. This system works!

    Sign up for your free account today. I will be there for you if you need any help. Be sure to check out the FAQ in the support section as well. That will give you more information as well.

  6. Hi Lynn, I can understand your concern. I hope that I can set your mind at ease. I can assure you that the traffic that the network partners deliver is organic and traffic compliant. Traffic Globalization has partnered up with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, AOL. Bing, LinkedIn, and Pandora, just to name a few.

    I too get many emails from people I don’t know offering all kinds of services. Traffic Globalization was different for me. I personally know Tony Hamilton and trust that he would never steer me or anyone else in the wrong direction. He has dedicated his life work in helping others build up their internet businesses.

    Knowing Tony and seeing how easy yet powerful this system is, made the decision to join and promote this program easy.

  7. I’ve never heard of Traffic Globalization but you make it sound like an excellent way to increase traffic. Like probably every site owner I get frequent emails from those telling me that they’ve looked at my site and can guarantee a significant increase in traffic if I use their service. I haven’t followed up with any of these requests. I’m concerned that they may drive traffic that may actually hurt my rankings by using “black hat” marketing techniques. Just to clarify, are you sure that the increased traffic isn’t achieved by employing any dubious marketing techniques?

  8. Hello here. It is really interesting option to increase the traffic flow to websites. Without visitors we can not survive because we want bring value to visitors. Without them, how we can know what works and what does not?
    I heard about Tony Hamilton as energetic and enthusiastic affiliate marketer. If this program works for him, maybe it would work for us?
    I wonder how this program Trafic Globalization works? It is an automated or do we need to do something? How this program will know our audience because websites are different?
    Thanks for offered opportunity. I will check it out, all the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

  9. Hello and thanks. Traffic is at the heart of every affiliate marketer because this is why we build websites not only to help people but to be able to turn our websites into a full -time business. If there is no traffic there will be no business. Your website is well detailed with tons of good information that will be of good help to your readers.

  10. Traffic is exactly what I’m looking for because it’s something I’m struggling with right now.

    I’m happy to hear that Traffic Globalization is NOT a traffic exchange program because those things really do suck. They don’t work! Period.

    TG sounds like a great platform for traffic, especially when you can choose targeted visitors. 🙂

    However, I do have a question:

    With Tony’s advertising partners, how exactly is this traffic actually generated?

    Because I know for a fact, if you were to set up PPC ads with Google, for example, it can be quite costly.

    So if I choose the 3,000 package for under $20, how are those partners going to deliver my hits?


  11. Wonderful review on Traffic Globalization my Friend!
    Thank you also for the amazing compliments and for your Friendship!
    I am looking forward to more Friends enjoying quality traffic with this new site that just launched on 13 May 2017 and Pray that it helps us all to be more successful.


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